Exploring the social
mechanisms of scientific elites...

"Scientific Elites" is the title of a research project led by Jens Peter Andersen (Aarhus University) and Mathias Wullum Nielsen (University of Copenhagen), funded by the Independent Research Foundation Denmark (DFF).

The project examines processes of social stratification in science, including the formation and reproduction of elite status and mechanisms of social closure.

This website provides information about the project, its participants and outputs, and offers a curated, annotated bibliography for those interested in the topic. You can find information on job openings and internal as well as international partners under People.

Primary research strands

Concentration patterns & characteristics

We will study what characterizes the elite, and how it has evolved over time.

Formation & reproduction

How is an elite formed, and what are the factors that contribute to its' reproduction?

Social closure

Through which mechanisms do scientific elites maintain their power?